How do I clean my sponge?
The sponge should be rinsed thoroughly with warm water after each use, making sure to rinse out as much of the soap used as possible and then either hung up to dry or placed on a strainer type dish to dry. The sponge should never be left on a wet flat surface as bacteria can collect on the part of the sponge that is left wet. If need be you can rinse your sponge in two parts water one part hydrogen peroxide for a fresher cleaner smell. NEVER USE CHLORINE BLEACH ON YOUR SPONGE! The bleach disintegrates the sponge fibers and either weakens it or renders it totally useless.

How long will my sponge last?
With proper care and use the sponge should last a year or longer.

Are there any chemicals used in the cleaning process of the sponge?
Initially, the sponges are put through a muriatic acid mixture to remove any shells, rocks and dirt and then they are dipped in potassium permanganate (which removes any fungal properties) and lastly through hydrogen peroxide to obtain the nice yellow color.

How are the sponges shipped?
All items are shipped using UPS or USPS depending on the destination. The sponges may be compressed to save on shipping but all you have to do is wet up the sponge with water and it takes back its normal shape.

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