Sea Wool Sponge

Pamper your skin… Enjoy a spa-like bath using the softest of all Natural Sea Sponge, the Sea Wool Sponge. Unlike wash clothes, sponges naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria when hung up to air dry. The Sea Wool is widely considered the best of all Sea Sponges.

Other uses: Paint and Hardware, car washing, wallpaper, general cleaning and Equine, (favorite sponge of horse owners and trainers for washing down their horses).

Yellow Sea Sponge

The Yellow Sea Sponge is a high quality and very durable sponge. Even though it’s only a little less soft and absorbent than the wool, it’s still great for bathing (exfoliating). For those of you that want something that is not too soft. This sponge performs very well in general cleaning and is completely biodegradable.

Other uses: Car washing, coarse texture faux painting, arts and crafts, pottery, ceramics and sponge painting.

Grass Sea Sponge

The Grass Sea Sponge is an economical alternative to the Wool and Yellow Sea Sponge. It is a very soft sponge but not quite as durable as its relatives. This sponge can also be used as a bath sponge and is terrific for medium texture faux painting.

Other uses: Auto, general cleaning and Equine (tack cleaning)

Faux Finishing Sponges

Sponges can be used in a wide variety of crafts including: decorative painting and faux finishing. Each type of sponge provides a different kind of effect when applying paint or faux finishing. Sponges can be used damp or dry, producing different effects. Sponges with irregular shapes and coarse textures are a favorite for faux finishing projects.

Artist Sponge Pack

Artist sponges can be used in a wide variety of crafts including: decorative painting and faux finishing. Includes 1 each: Wool, Yellow, Grass, & Glove. Use separately or together for many different effects.

Sponge Soap

A specialty soap made with either our Goat’s Milk soap or the Extra Virgin Olive Oil soap, and can be scented with any of our available fragrances.

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